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Written by Darko Sporcic   
Sunday, 04 June 2017
This is the online home of our Oakville Vipers Soccer Club.  

2017 brings a new team to our Vipers Club.  Eight veterans of last year's O40 division champions team decided to start their own Vipers O50 team in the newly formed BSL O50 division.   This represented a good time for a new beginning, continued play and the opportunity to call back some of our previous members.  The Vipers O40 team will have the challenging task of defending their 2016 division title in their newly combined 10-team O40 division by filling that void.  Both teams successfully attracted new good talent and are doing well in the standings.  You can follow our progress here with Vipers O40 and Vipers O50.  We wish all our players a successful 2017 season.

2017 is also a very special year for me personally.  In addition to celebrating Canada's 150th birthday, my parents and I are also celebrating our 50th year in Canada.  We love this multicultural country for all it stands for and the opportunities it brings to all its citizens.  In a similar way, our Vipers Soccer Club has had players of many cultures play together with the common love of soccer and team cameraderie.  I feel very fortunate and blessed to have shared many great moments with each of them.  

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